Young Carers

Many Young Carers do not consider themselves to be a carer; they are just looking after someone in their family who needs help and getting on with what needs to be done. In fact they may be better described as a Young Person with Caring Responsibilities.
Please do not assume that only adults provide care, quite often the main carer will be an adult but supported by the young person to look after the family member, neighbour or friend.
Many Young Carers continue to go unrecognised and we’d like to change that by recognising the Young Carer and respecting their valuable contribution in supporting someone to remain at home.

  • Do you care for a grandparent, parent, brother, sister or other family member?
  • Do you help someone to dress or undress because they are unable to?
  • Do you help someone to walk, get up the stairs, get in and out of bed?
  • Do you help someone to use the toilet, have a bath or shower?
  • Do you help someone to eat and drink?
  • Do you assist with medicines, injections or dressings?
  • Do you prepare special food or diet because of the medical needs of the person?
  • Do you do housework because another adult is unable to?
  • Do you keep someone company, read and talk to them?
  • Do you look after brothers & sisters because an adult is unable to?
  • Do you help the someone else carry out any of the tasks above?

If you answer yes to any of the questions then you are carrying out caring duties and would be able to access the information, supports and events detailed in our website. Young Carers Website