Visual Arts Project

Visual Arts Project: ‘Documenting the Lives of Family Carers’

In 2012 we received funding from Cork County Council’s Arts Grant Scheme for an innovative visual arts project which provided Carers with an opportunity to gain confidence, connect as a group and explore and document their life experience and creativity through the medium of photography and writing.

Carers who took part completed a 6-week course in digital photography and creative writing, facilitated by Eileen O’Leary documentary photographer and writer.  The course gave Carers an opportunity to create, learn, express and explore how their background has supported the challenge of caring for a relative.

The project was a huge success, exploring and celebrating the skills, talents, gifts and expertise of the Carers that participated and has provided much inspiration for future creative work.

A launch of the exhibition of the participants work took place during National Carers Week in June 2012.  A great attendance at the launch jointly enhanced an understanding of the roles of Carers, and validated Carers feelings of being supported by the wider community.