Family Caring & Mental Health Project

Family Caring and Mental Health Research Project 2017

Dr Jacqui O’Riordan, Applied Social Studies, University College Cork (UCC), is undertaking an Irish Research Council project on family caring and mental health. The project has been developed in collaboration with UCC, Family Carers Ireland (Cork), and West Cork Carers Support Group, and is following on from a previous project to address the ad hoc nature of mental health supports in the region.

The funFurther information about this project can be obtained from the research assistant, Patricia Callanan:, or the research coordinator, Jacqui O’Riordan: or tele: 087 6868264

Funding will be used to identify and map mental health support services (or their lack) throughout Cork, and is focusing on Cork city, East and West Cork. The aim is to collate and coordinate this information so that family Carers and care associations will have ready access to this as and when needed and produce a website which will be managed by the services themselves.

2018 Update : New Website to Support Carers in Cork

Family Carer Support: Mental Health Caring or FaCsme is a collaborative project between the School of Applied Social Studies, University College Cork, Family Carers Ireland (Cork) and West Cork Carers Support Group.

Research indicates that challenges to mental health recovery and care for family members are presented through ad hoc information on support services and their scope of activity. This project seeks to (i) bridge that gap in information (ii) identify potential fusions in support services in three localities and (iii) contribute to furthering the sustainability of family caring relations in mental health contexts.

As part of the project, mental health support services throughout Cork city, East and West Cork are being collated onto a website so that this information will be readily accessible to family Carers and care associations as and when needed.

The website was officially launched at the Public Policy Seminar: Family Caring: Experiences, Transitions and Information hosted in UCC on Monday 6th November 2017.


Any suggestions you may have about the website are welcome and they will be happy to add any other services you think should be in the website.


Interdependencies in Family Caring Situations because of Mental Health Issues
The second part of Dr O’Riordan’s project will investigate interdependencies in family caring situations because of mental health issues. The research will be focused upon getting a better understanding of/ beginning a conversation on the interdependencies involved in family caring where individuals have caring needs that arise because of mental health issues generally.

In July 2017 West Cork Carers Support Group invited participants to partake in a focus group to discuss their experiences of family caring, covering the following issues:
• Mental health issues generally that lead to increased necessity for family care.
• The types care/support required, including its nature, regularity and time.
• The changing nature of family relationships as a result of the care need.
• The interdependencies in family caring.
• Carer/Care recipient and families experiences and other issues arising at the outset of these issues.


For more information email the research coordinator,  or call: 087 6868264