End of the Caring Journey

There may come a time when your caring role comes to an end, either because the person you were caring for has moved into full time care or because they have passed away. This can be a very emotional time and Carers can experience feelings of guilt, grief, emptiness or loneliness as well as relief at getting your life back.

This can be a challenging time as not only are you dealing with your own loss but also managing financial, administrative and legal issues.

If you are used to always having things to do, it can be hard to stop and think about what you would like to do, and to be able to make choices for yourself. Some people find that once they are no longer caring, exhaustion – both physical and emotional – catches up with them and they may feel unwell for a while.

It is a time of change, of focusing on yourself, your health and well being.

At West Cork Carers Support Group we feel it is of vital importance for Carers to be supported through this transition period.

Whether it is a listening ear, help with administration issues, referrals for grief counselling or support and advice about re-engaging in work or re-training, we can support in all aspects of your post caring situation.

Care Alliance Ireland have produced a very helpful handbook which aims to support former carers at this difficult period. To view this please click on the handbook image above.