Emotional Support

Caring can be challenging and many Carers can get depressed or anxious. Speak to us at West Cork Carers Support Group, other Carers, friends or family members about how you feel. Tell your doctor if you’re feeling low and ask what help they can give you. There are many support services available to Carers who are in need of emotional support. Talk to a staff member at West Cork Carers Support Group and we can put you in contact with someone who can help you.

Professional Counselling Service for Carers/Former Carers

West Cork Carers Support Group is now offering a professional one-to-one Counselling service at a nominal cost to Carers and former Carers who require emotional support. Counselling can be a helpful way for Carers to explore their difficulties in a safe and confidential environment.

Those availing of the service might make a contribution to help cover some of the costs (up to a maximum of €10 per session). Financial contributions are agreed at a level to suit your individual circumstances.        All aspects of this service are entirely confidential.

Symptoms of stress
The symptoms of stress can be both mental and physical, and can vary from person to person:
Mental symptoms can include anxiety, anger, depression, lack of appetite, sleeplessness, crying often, tiredness and difficulty concentrating.
Physical symptoms can include chest pains, cramps, muscle spasms, dizziness, restlessness, nervous twitches and breathlessness.

Small ways to alleviate stress
You may not be able to significantly change the demands of your caring role, but you can look creatively at small changes which will help.

  • Ask friends and family to help out.
  • Find out about local organizations such as West Cork Carers Support Group, Citizens Information Service, Public Health Nurses, Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland, G.P.s, Cancer Connect, Local Link Cork (previously known as West Cork Rural Transport), Meals on Wheels service, MABS, Counselling & Support Services etc.
  • Access as many support services as possible so they can support you in all aspects of your life

Be kind to yourself and acknowledge what a great job you are doing. Caring for someone takes great communication, organisational, emotional and practical skills.

Acknowledge what a remarkable job you are doing!