Cork County Council Grants

Housing Grants
There are a range of housing grants, which are available to older people and people with disabilities which are administered by Cork County Council.  There are also grants available which are designed to help people make their homes more energy efficient. Some of the main grants are covered below.

For queries relating to Housing Grants Contact:
Social Housing Operations (West), Cork County Council, Kent Street, Clonakilty, Co. Cork. 023 8833328

Housing Adaptation Grant for People with a Disability                                                                        A housing adaptation grant is available where changes need to be made to a home to make it suitable for a person with a physical, sensory or intellectual disability or mental health difficulty to live in. The grant can help you to make changes and adaptations to your home, for example, making it wheelchair-accessible, extensions to create more space, adding a ground floor bathroom or toilet and stair-lifts. In some cases, the provision of heating can be included, but only under certain conditions. The grant will not be paid if the work starts before the applicant gets grant approval from the Local Authority.
Application form for a Housing Adaptation Grant

Housing Aid for Older People
The Housing Aid for Older Persons Scheme is used to improve the condition of an older person’s home. In general, it is aimed at people 66 years of age and older. However, in cases of genuine hardship the local authority may assist people under age 66.
Local authorities vary as regards what type of work they will grant aid under the scheme. You should check with your own local authority to see which types of work its scheme will cover. The Department has instructed local authorities that only essential repairs should be undertaken to make the property habitable for the applicant. For example, works like the replacement of windows, doors or heating systems will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Application form for Grant for Housing Aid for Older People

Mobility Aids Grants
The Mobility Aids Grant Scheme provides grants for works designed to address mobility problems in the home, such as the purchase and installation of grab-rails, a level access shower, access ramps or a stair-lift. It is primarily for older people, but people with disability can also access the scheme.
Application form for Mobility Aids Grant