Beginning the Caring Journey

For some Carers their journey into caring can happen gradually and for some it can be very sudden. The beginning of this new phase in your life can be daunting while you adjust to your new circumstances.

During the beginning of your caring role adjustments and new routines will be established and incorporated into your daily life and gradually you will learn to adapt to your new role.

Nevertheless stress levels can be high. Fear, sorrow, shock, anger, loss and anxiety are just some of the normal emotions experienced by Carers during this stage. Without support and guidance, Carers can feel like they are left out in the wilderness, and that can be very isolating. There is also a danger at this stage that people make huge life-changing decisions – giving up their job or moving house. It is important that Carers are supported through this stage and any decisions are properly informed by all the facts.

We would encourage all Carers to contact the West Cork Carers Support Group office and we can give you information on all the local services and supports you can avail of. We recommend that you incorporate as many supports as possible into your new routine.